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Kluane Lake Bliss Gold Mine —Yukon Territory, Canada


Kluane Lake, Yukon “Bliss” Gold Property For Sale Yukon Bliss Gold MineBy Owner

Al Dendys - TIC Exploration
(867) 335-2824

See for more information and pictures.


The Bliss Gold property has only been tested to date and has not been mined. The first few cuts have been cleared, and an area for settling ponds cleared and an airstrip has been constructed. The test results from three 6 cubic yard samples are proving great potential and indicate a coarse gold creek. The samples taken in 2005 calculate out to be between $4.50 and $24.00/ cubic yard using the most accurate testing method of bulk tests through a sluice plant.

Reason for selling:

Owner has been operating next door on Gladstone Creek for 20 years with two sluice plants, and have several sites that he has also been testing over the last few years. The owner has been unable to get good operators/managers in order to run all of his gold mining projects. The owner has also stumbled across a lot more gold bearing ground at his Gladstone property which will likely keep him there for several more years. Basically the owner has held onto the Bliss Gold Mine for the last 7 years and has never had the time to develop it.

Property location:

The Bliss gold property is located in the south west Yukon in the Kluane Mining region.
It is along scenic Kluane lake across from Burwash Landing and Destruction Bay. It is only a 3 hour drive from Whitehorse where all parts and supplies are available to you.

Bliss Gold Mine AirstripAccess:

The access to the Bliss Gold Mine is not easy but if properly managed and planned for, can be relatively inexpensive. There is no road access, however there is an annual ice road across Kluane Lake during March and the first half of April. This is the best time to move heavy equipment and fuel in. After that, throughout the mining season the access is by boat (1 hr) or by aircraft (8 minutes). The airstrip is 80% completed to accommodate a Cessna 206 aircraft and only needs some minor work to be fully functional.


The owner is currently unsure of the purity, however the other creeks in the region run in the mid-eight percentile range. Gladstone Creek just across is 83%. In the photos below you see the results of 3 separate 6 cubic yard tests. Yukon Gold SamplesIn one of the samples a 2 gram gold nugget was found in the 6 yard test indicating a coarse gold creek.

Gem quality Garnets were also recovered form the tests.Yukon Garnets






Test Results:

Claim - Bliss #9 1 gram in 4 cubic yards $1400.00 Gold $11.29/cubic yard

Claim - Bliss #7 .6 grams in 6 cubic yards $1400.00 Gold $ 4.52/cubic yard

Claim - Bliss #5 3.2 grams in 6 cubic yards $1400.00 Gold $24.08/cubic yard

The owner has also conducted some tests out on the fan where the settling ponds should be constructed, and it carries gold as well. These tests did not come from bedrock.

Equipment list:

This is a list of equipment that is on site. Depending on what the buyer prefers and wants to spend, more equipment can be added to the list at an extra cost. This could include a New Zealand floating sluice plant, D9H, other excavators, pumps, more camp buildings... If the buyer would like to add some equipment to the property, it should be done in the next month or so while there is an ice road in place.

Small test sluice plant

Caterpillar Excavator1981 Caterpillar 235 excavator - low hours on engine, hydraulic pump and drive
- New rails, idler and sprockets

1987 3/4 ton 4x4 Chev pick-up

Kubota Genset - 12 Kw

5000 Gal fuel Tank - bermed and lined on skids
- comes with transfer pump

2 - 100 Gal Tidy Tank
- comes with electric transfer pump

Small tool shed

Small travel trailer for camp - I suggest another building or 2 for a proper camp

Claims and Water License:

There are 29 grouped claims in good standing. A Water License and Land Use Permit is in place and good until 2016. This can be easily transfered to the buyer upon purchase with a 60 day periodwhere both parties are responsible for the license (overlap period).

Yukon Gold MapGold  Claims Map










The owner is willing to help the buyer out with the initial set-up, construction of the ice road, and do the transport of equipment and fuel across the lake for you. Come late April, the owner will begin mining himself and will only be available to help for short periods of time through-out the mining season, but he will do his best in helping you have a successful season.

See for more information and pictures.

Asking: $250,000 CAN

Contact Info:
Al Dendys - TIC Exploration
Phone: 867-335-2824

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