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Patented Montana Gold Mine — Historic Bannack District


Montana Patented gold claimsSummary of the property and its potential:

· 89.25 acres legally divided into 6 parcels located along Grasshopper Creek in the Historic Bannack Mining District, located in extreme Southwestern Montana.
· This property is one of the last (and mostly) un-mined parcels along Grasshopper Creek (Each Parcel has creek frontage).
· Patented
· Easy but private access
· All mineral and water rights included
· Gold Reserves estimated between 164.68M -734.16M
· It is located 6 miles downstream from Bannack, Montana which is the source of the placer gold in Grasshopper Creek.
· On average, Bannack gold assayed at 990 fine (99% pure) and in a few cases it went as high as 999 fine - essentially a chemically pure state.
· Past mining and testing has shown that this property can host a successful mining operation and sufficient water is available to support a placer mining operation.
· Reports about previous testing and geology are available. Owner has supporting documentation by Skoog, Brainerd and Rossie, Gosta Miller and Dingman.


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Property/Claim is located in the historic Bannack district in Southwest Montana about 6 miles downstream from Bannack as a crow flies (a few miles more if you follow the stream). It is 5 miles from I-15 south of Dillon. It is MOSTLY virgin with the exception of some very small scale mining and/or testing.
It is some of the finest gold on earth (one nine to three nines fine).

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There is approximately 4-60 feet of overburden. A small portion of the claim extends to the hillside where the overburden is greater, up to 60 feet however MOST (90%) of the claim is not hillside and the overbuden is on AVERAGE 6 feet deep throughout the claim. There is approximately 15 feet of low grade sand/silt with small river rock, approximately 35 feet of cemented gravel, and approximately 9 feet of water table bar gravel (based off of reports)
There is also notable Silver, Palladium, Platinum, Copper, Lead, Zirconium, Iron, and Titanium on the property but mainly silver which is around 1-2 parts per 4 parts gold.
The property has never been dredged. During the Bannack mining days the miners had dredged all the way up to the top of a Z-shaped canyon just upstream from this claim. They were unable to dredge through the canyon, so they went downstream of this property and began to work their way back up. Gold was discovered in Alder Gulch during this time so the efforts to reach this property were abandoned.

Montana Gold mine map

History of the property
The property was worked on a very small scale during the 30’s by a man with the last name Dingman. We have records of what he recovered.
It remained untouched during WW2 and saw no activity until the late 50's. A group prepared the area they intended to mine but never returned. The property was later worked on a very small scale by one of the miners from the previous group along with his new team. That miner didn't have exact record of how much gold was removed but he mentions seeing a 5 gallon bucket full of gold as a result from 1 month of work. The principal of that group left with the gold promising to return with the proceeds but never returned! The property was repossessed.
During the 70's and 80's there was minor testing performed totaling 4,000 yards resulting in approximately $12/yard this was in the UPPER gravels only. It was determined that the methods being used were only recovering half the amount of gold a good placer circuit would produce. No one has yet evaluated the hardpan material.
In 1991 Earl Skoog (Private Mine Consultant) sampled the cemented material by blasting, excavating and assaying samples.
Based off of the results from Skoogs tests with estimations based on today’s values:
-400,000 cubic yards of upper gravels, estimated value of $11.50-$32.20 per cubic yard.
-250,000 cubic yards of center bar/conglomerate estimated value $92.00-$322 per cubic yard.
-1,250,000 cubic yards of center bar from below the water table estimated value $92.00-$460 per cubic yard.
-950,000 cubic yards from the creek plain (drill data) estimated value $23.00-$73.60 per cubic yard.

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In 1995 a mining company out of Oregon proposed a 5,000 yard per day placer operation, including smelting and refining ore. They estimated the ore reserve of 6 million yards with a 12 year mine life and ores would average $20 per yard based on $350 per ounce. (Today’s market $92 per yard at $1610 per ounce).
The current owners purchased it with the intention to mine it. They have realized they do not have sufficient financial backing or the expertise to take this project on and have decided to sell the property.
The current owners have familiarized themselves with the permitting process in Montana and have spoke with the DEQ a number of times regarding mining this claim. They are very familiar with it and foresee NO problem getting everything permitted and ready to go.

5 million USD

Emily Kalinauskas

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