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Google Earth map showing the proximity of the 3 Fairbanks Gold Group Claims to the
Fort Knox Gold Mine.
Fairbanks Gold Group Map
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Owner is retiring—Buy all 3 gold mines

From: David J. Hopkins

Thank you for your interest in the Goldstone Resources, L.L.C. properties near Fox, Alaska.
Goldstone Resources, L.L.C. is a member managed Washington Limited Liability Corporation which is owned and managed by Jerry Jewell and David Hopkins.
There are 3 properties which are available. Two of the properties are hard rock and the 3rd is a deep placer mine. They are briefly described as follows:

OCMC (formerly Our Creek Mining Company)
OCMC is a hard rock property consisting of approx. 6,000 acres of State mining claims.
100% owned by Goldstone Resources, L.L.C.
Initially claimed 11 years ago.
Completed approx. $400,000 of assessment, drilling, trenching, geophysical analysis, soil and rock sampling and mapping.
3 target areas are recommended for drilling extending approx. 4 miles long by .5 miles wide.
Year round access via public road to Fox and the Fort Knox Mine.
Includes major power lines extending to the Fort Knox Mine.
Located approximately 8.5 miles North East of Fox Alaska.
Further plans and recommendations for exploration have been completed by our geologist. Our Creek PDF
Sale price $350,000 US with terms.

Amanita is a hard rock property consisting of approximately 3,500 acres of State mining claims.
Goldstone Resources, L.L.C. exclusively represents the one owner.
The Amanita prospect is located south of and abuts the Ft. Knox Mine property operated by Kinross. The Ft Knox mine is currently producing about 350,000 oz. per year of gold.
The Amanita property is easily accessed from the paved Gilmore Trail Road which is maintained year round.
Initially claimed 25 years ago.
Kinross completed approx. $1,000,000 of drilling, trenching, soil and rock sampling.
Further plans and recommendations for exploration have been completed by our geologist.
Sale price $3,000,000 US with terms or work commitment.

Dome Creek is a deep placer consisting of approximately 400 acres of State mining claims.
David Hopkins owns 7 each claims and has 5 each claims under lease with the Maurer estate.
The Dome Creek property is located approx. 10 miles North of Fox on the Elliot Highway.
Initially claimed 26 years ago.
Approx. $150,000 has been spent consisting on assessment, shaft and tailing exploration.
This property is ready for winter mining and exploration.
Sale price $450,000 US with terms.

Buy all three Fairbanks gold properties for $3,800,000 US.

Contact: DAVID HOPKINS, President
Goldstone Resources L.L.C.
5617 236th Ave. N.E. Redmond, WA 98053
Phone: 425-753-7140

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