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Yukon Producing Gold Mine For Sale —Arch Creek



New additional information:
Arch Creek Mine YouTube
Some video footage of equipment working in the Arch Creek Canyon, Yukon, Canada.

gold nuggetsYukon Gold Mine—Arch Creek
Discovered in the 1904 Gold Rush

36 Claims = 826 Acres

“Turn Key” Operation for Sale

Full Camp
Sluice Plant and Heavy Equipment
Vehicles, tools, support equipment...
Proven ground and Settling Ponds in place
Water License and Land Use Permits are pre-approved


$230,00.00 USD
*** Owner is willing to spend the first season training and assisting the new buyer.
Contact Information:
Marcel Dulac

Haines Junction, Yukon
Phone: (867) 634-2005

Gold Nugget Ring


About the Gold:

Gold fineness - .087 or 87% Pure
Coarse Gold Creek - Great Jewelry
Average size over a season - 0.5 grams
Largest nugget from our operation - 4.2 Ounces
Appears to be three sources of Gold to the creek (three types of nuggets)



About the ground:

My last years of mining (2005/2006), gold was worth around $500.00-$600.00 US/Ounce. At that time, throughout the whole season I would average $10-15/yard. There is one bench of which I had tested, and it payed between $15.00 - $20.00/yard. This bench is what I intend to mine next. It would take most of a full season to mine. At todays prices, this would pay at around $30.00 - $35.00/yard. I believe that this bench would be the best place to start.

The worst ground that I had ever run into over the four years that have mined on Arch Creek was around $5.00/yard. At todays prices it would still be very worth while to mine.

With a proper crew, hard work and good earth moving techniques, this ground can be paid off in one season. With the current scale of operation, there is a life time of mining on this creek as it is at least 80% virgin ground.

Overhead View of Gold MineLower Gold Mining Claims











ChannelSettling Facilities









Dulac Mining Asset List

Arch Creek, Yukon


Catapillar LoaderCaterpillar 988A Loader 1972 30 Ton $ 25,000.00

Hitachi UH 172 Excavator 1981 42 Ton $ 30,000.00

Case 125B Excavator 1987 25 Ton $ 20,000.00

IHC -1800 Gal. Fuel Truck(pump) 1979 5 Ton $ 5,000.00

GMC - 4 x4 - Ext. Cab Pick-up 1994 1 Ton Dually $ 3,000.00

Ford - 2 x 4 Flat Deck - Winch 1976 3 Ton Dually(needs Trans) $ 500.00

Custom - Vibrating Screen Deck 5 Ton $ 10,000.00

Excavator6” x 8” High Pressure Pump - 453 Detroit Diesel 1/2 Ton $ 8,000.00

Argo - 8 wheeler (needs clutch) $ 2,000.00

Fuel Trauck









Cleaning Jigshigh pressure pumps









Custom 6 Building Camp (8 Man) $ 10,000.00

Arch Creek Gold Mine Camp









Gold Clean-up equipment (Jigs, Gold Wheels, Smelter...) $ 4,000.00

Tool Bus on wheels - Full of Various tools, Drill Press, tool Chests... $ 5,000.00

Parts Bus - no wheels or windows - full of parts, bolts, lubricants... $ 2,000.00

Pro-line - 6500 Watt Camp diesel Generator $ 500.00

Hobart 250 Amp Welder - Oxygen & Acetylene - regulators, rods... $ 500.00

Honda 3” pump - Suction, hoses... - 1” Water Pump, suction, hoses... $ 500.00

Honda - Gas Air Compressor - Hoses, chucks... - Lots of B&S engines $ 500.00

Total Assets $ 306,500.00

Asking $ 230,000.00

About the sluice plant:

It can process up to 70 cubic yards/hour. However I usually run it between 30-50 yards/hour depending on the type of material being processed. What should be done right away is some more sluice runs added to the bottom as well as a nugget trap in the hopper. After that is done, the screens could be smaller and the plant would consistently produce 50-70 yards/hour. This would probably take one week worthGold Mine Sluice Set of work in the spring.








About the equipment:

All of the equipment runs. There is some maintenance that has to be done prior to working it next season. I believe that there are about two weeks worth of work to be done (Early spring would be best). This is what needs to be done on each of the following:

Loader moving pump988 Loader - Not Much - all oil changes and filters

Hitachi Excavator - Oil changes and filters, batteries, stick cylinder change (I have one ready to go), both master pins on the undercarriage, fix a couple of hydraulic leaks, and two windows.

Case Excavator - Oil Change, injectors, quite a few hydraulic leaks, grease nipple changes, rails for the undercarriage (big job and expensive), and an idler seal. The undercarriage can still be put off for another season or two if you want, as its only job is to feed the sluice plant and rarely moves around.

Fuel Truck - oil change, repair the front bumper and one seal must be replace on one of the compartment valves.

1994 1 ton pick-up - front end should be done soon

3 Ton Flat Deck Winch Truck - Transmission needs replacing


About the camp:

Camp is designed for 8-10 (more if you wanted). It is very basic and humble. There is a total of 6 buildings. 4 are for sleeping, one for a wash house and the last is the kitchen. All buildings are heated by wood. The wash shack relies on gravity fed water and is heated by propane allowing for hot showers. The kitchen house has a propane stove and a propane fridge. I use a small 2000 watt generator to give light at night in the fall time. Camp would require only a day or two to get up and running to the standard it was. Keep in mind that many more days could be spent on it as there is always room for improvement.

Gold Mining campGold Mine Airstrip










Gold Mine for saleThe Claims on a Map:

Have a look at the official “Yukon Mining Recorder” website to where the claims are exactly or click on map at right for a larger view:
*Arch Creek is at the top of the map.

Asking $ 230,000.00 USD

Contact Information:

Marcel Dulac
Haines Junction, Yukon

(867) 634-2005


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