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Yukon Laskey Creek Placer Gold Mine For Sale
Tributary To The Gold Run Creek In The Klondike Gold-Field

This area of the Yukon is HOT! right now and gold claims are going fast. These claims are on a tributary to the famous Gold Run Creek in the Klondike gold-fields and is licensed and ready to mine now, complete with equipment and camp.

Good road access to claims via a secondary road maintained by the goverment. Sixty (60) miles from Dawson City Laskey Creek Gold Mine Location Map

13 Claims on Laskey Creek (12 of which are virgin ground which are known as the Kentucky lode) Laskey is a tributary of Gold Run Creek. Test results running between $20 - $ 36 a loose yard. Lots of history on this creek. Have some ground stripped and have done bulk sampling. Water license in place good until 2020, water license are transferable and claims can be immediately mined.

Summary & Highlights
*Two additional creeks come with package, one is unnamed tributary and the other is pup 66 these claims are located approx 1 mile up creek
*unamed tributary on unnamed creek a tributary to Gold Run Creek (camp site).
*4 virgins claims on pup 66 all tributaries to Gold Run Creek.
*New Zealand washplant/trommel (60 - 75 yds pr/hr) hydraulic riffles
*Volvo 280 excavator 6000 hrs
*2004 ZX 200 with 5000hrs
*D5H LGP with 10,000 hrs
*Camp 10x26 Atco cook shack, 12 x 14 wall tent
*Gold clean up Jig
*Gold wheel
*Gold sieves
*Miscellaneous pumps
*Gen sets miscellaneous
*2006 53'ft van for portable shop storage
*Miscellaneous fuel tanks and pumps

(The following information is quoted form portions of report Klondike: Dominion-Sulpher Placer Area. This report, pictures and more documentation availiable from the owners upon request.)

Laskey Creek Yukon Gold Mine"The gold recovered was approximately 80% fine grained. The purity of gold from the creek is typically 830 to 878.

Interestingly, not far to the east on Gold Run Creek, considerable coarse gold was recovered near the mouth of Laskey Creek in the summer of 2000. A considerable pay stream below the mouth of Laskey Creek is reported by Nordale (1942) and old timers thought Laskey Creek was the main source, or at least a very important source for Gold Run Creek (Nordale, 1942).

Hard-rock exploration in the vicinity of the Laskey Project has been conducted since 1897. The historical focus on this area was undoubtedly due to the fact that the extremely rich portion of the Gold Run placer paystreak begins in the viccinity of Laskey Creek (GSC Mem. 284 pp. 98-99). Placer gold recovered from this area of Gold Run Creek is generally small (20 mesh to 12o mesh) bright and rough with some quartz attached (YPMI 1998-2002 p. 112) suggested a local source. Compositional studies of placer and lode gold during 2005 (YEG 2005, p. 249 Mortenson et. al.) led to the conclusion that “a major gold source existed in this area”.

Laskey Creek Historical Gold MineThe GR claims of the Laskey Project represent a new discovery located in the Klondike gold-fields. Placer history of Gold Run Creek is suggestive of a significant lode source on, or somewhere in the immediate vicinity of, the GR claims. Discordant quartz veins 2-10cm in width and associated pyritized and iron-corbonate altered zones up to 20m or more in width are usually gold bearing and common to all 5 trenches with a total of 14 gold anomalous zones encountered."

Selling price: $700,000 OBO
Owner will also sell claims without the equipment for $20,000 each.
Tracey Jacobs
PHONE: 867-334-3237

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