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Prospect Creek Gold Mine - Fairbanks Alaska Area

Prospect Creek Gold Mine ReportProspect Creek —Alaska Gold Mine
Fairbanks Alaska Area


• Nearly 600 acres of unpatented mining claims
• Rugged and remote but with road access
• Ancient river deposit
• Gold bearing creek
• Complete with water rights, cabin and airstrip
• Alaskan wildlife prominent
• Includes mining permit

FOR SALE $175,000
Terms Available with $50k down

These 600 acres of unpatented mining claims (14 total) are located along Prospect Creek north of Fairbanks, Alaska. The claims and adjacent neighboring claims have produced 300 ounce pockets of gold by prior and current mining.

Prospect Creek Alaska GoldClaims MapGold was deposited here by an ancient river, which has not been entirely mapped out regarding its origination ordestination, except for the known fact that it crosses theseclaims. Gold is present in varying amounts nearly everywhere. Secondary drainage has deposited gold into the existing clean water creek.

The neighboring claims on the same bench are known to have produced up to $1 million a year in gold at much lower gold prices.

Access to the claims is available by vehicle, with a private road that exits off the Dalton Highway. This is unusual for Alaska, as most mining claims are only accessible by plane.

Some mining activity has been performed in the 1980’s and very little was performed by the present owner. The majority of the land is still virgin ground. Limited testing has been performed and indicates deposits and yields economical at present prices. Parts of the creek have been dredged successfully in the past, although it is unknown if dredging was to bedrock. There exists, however, promising virgin dredging locations.

An Alaskan geologist stated that he believed the property was undervalued for the potential. The assay of the Prospect Creek Alaska Gold Minerecovered gold is 87% gold and 10% silver.

The Alaskan scenery north of Fairbanks and abundant wildlife is magnificent, including reindeer, grizzly bears. eagles, and native fish. A rugged cabin and an abandoned airstrip also exist on the property.

The owner is asking $175,000 for these claims. (Terms Available with $50k down.)


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