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Numerous Nome Alaska Gold Claims For Sale -
These are first come first served offers.

(Editors note: most of the description of these claims are in the owners (who is an active Alaska miner) own words.)

We have over 2500 acres under claim so should have something that would work for most miners. Average cost to purchase is about 10K/claim. Some are less if you wanted to take all of them in a given area. Some are more where we have tested paystreaks.

(See owners contact information below.)

Nome Gold Claims Area

Kougarok River 3.5 miles continuous Claims - 90 miles from Nome Remote Alaskan Gold Claims -

AK State gold mining claims for sale about 90 miles North of Nome.
Good road for the first 86 miles then ATV trail.

On the main Kougarok river 3.5 miles of continuous claims for sale.



Nome Alaska Gold NuggetWe’ve gotten mostly coarse gold in this area. We also got a 7.7 oz nugget by suction dredging and many in the 1 oz range.
There has only been about 260’ suction dredged where 130+ ozs have been taken.
Most of the claims have been bucket lined 80 years ago but they either missed some spots or there was frozen ground too tough for them to dredge. These are the spots to mine.
There is bench ground available as well. We hold 8.5 miles of the river under claim and plan to mine further up next season but would consider an offer for all.
It takes a sizable amount of money to go up there and mine. I’d say 20K minimum so keep that in mind if you respond to this listing. Not interested in any percentage deals on the above claims but would on some others
These are virgin to suction dredging claims in the second richest gold area on the Seward Peninsula.
The reports are that the river was spotty but when gold was found it was extremely rich.
Access is by ATV from the end of the road. We have pioneered an ATV trail that extends along the river through these claims accessed during low water; and they actually can be accessed by foot if necessary.
I am sure there is some value left where we did dredge. So even if you can’t mine this coming season it may be wise to secure a good spot for the future.

165K for the lower 3.5 miles which includes a Bombi track machine (totally restored condition) for access.

Also, 360 acres with very remote claims (14 miles from end of road on cat trail)

Nome Gold Claims Area5 claims on Eureka creek.

Also 4 claims on the North Fork of the Kougarok which has rich history of old time miners in that area.
There is a cabin (needs work) on claim which is a real plus.
The creek has enough water to handle a 6” dredge but a 5” would move around better.
The North Fork can run what ever you want up to a 10”.
This is a very interesting property for some younger guys that want to get away from the road and have an Alaskan wilderness experience while developing these claim with lots of equipment potential on the bench as well.

Asking 50K for all or 25K for Eureka creek and 40 for North Fork claims.

Nome Alaska Dredged GoldI also have a few other claims.

One of the ‘tested’ areas is a three claim group on the main Kougarok where there is a paystreak 12” below the surface on false bedrock that extends throughout the whole 1/2 mile.
I’ve tested this extensively and feel that there is 63 ozs to be dredged in the river at low water (much more dredgable at higher water) The bench and bar have consistently 120 colors/pan so this could be rich equipment ground as well. Our tests show .7 dwt/100 square feet.

If you’re interested respond by email or phone telling me what type of mining you’re interested in doing, what your experience is, and if you are looking for remote wilderness. Please interested qualified parties only.

As far as leasing, I am open to negotiations but basically would charge a set fee payable in advance and you would keep all the gold. I don’t want to have to check on you for royalties as this can cause too much misunderstanding and I’m an active miner as well with a short season up there and it takes too much time out of my own activities.

This is a first come first served offer. If a party or group wanted to come up and check the claims out before purchase we would charge a fee as it takes a lot of time away from our own operation to show remote ground, so minimum fee would be in the 2.5K range (any fees paid would apply to purchase price). We may also be able to put a dredge into very remote virgin spots and have a party in there for a few weeks. Price would be negotiable depending on what we would have to supply.

phone: 360 427 5367 or early mornings or evenings at 530 621 1086

(We have provided this informative text from the owner as we believe he has much knowledge of this area and how the gold lies.)

Nome Gold Claims AreaWe (my partner and I) have been suction dredging since the 1970’s and eventually have been forced to the farthest frontier by US gov regs that continually have made it harder to mine at a professional level.
Alaskan State claims at least are free from the BLM and forest service and our experience has been pleasant dealing with the State.
We have tried several areas in Alaska over the last 25 years with varied success.
Now as we get towards the end of our dredging careers we have a few good prospects too many.
At the moment we have 8.5 miles of the Kougarok river under state AK claims. It’s fairly hard to get around in that country so I’ve come to the conclusion that I won’t be able to even totally prospect all this area.
Over the last few years more than 130 ozs. of gold have been dredged off just a 300’ stretch. The over burden averages 5.5’ with many areas at 8’ to a decomposed schist.
Gold is only found on bedrock in this area. We have decided to sell the lower 3+ miles of these claims. The access isn’t too hard (we’ve been doing it with ATV’s and are well over 65 yrs old) ; basically to fund the purchase of a machine to travel over the tundra and in and out of the canyons up there.
We have poked a few test holes over the years ....the gold isn’t just everywhere....but when you do find it , it’s very coarse and cubic yard wise very rich...really should be measured by square foot of bed rock dredged. There is a fair amount of history concerning the Kougarok country (second richest on the Seward Peninsula) and currently the only bucket line that’s still running in Alaska is in operation about 20 miles up from our camp.
The history says that the gold is spotty but very rich! This is what we have found. We have an area much further upstream that historically has produced coarse gold and that is where we want to concentrate our efforts.
With that said last year we prospected some claims downstream from our camp and closer to the road. We found a paystreak that extends though out the whole 1/2 miles river run through these claims that is easily dredged (12” or less of over burden on a false bedrock) at .7dwt/100 square feet. With the river at low water level it’s still 60’ wide and this pay streak is from one side to the other.
I figured that there is about 63 ozs available in that run. Over the years we have gotten 120 colors to the pan....pan after pan....on the bank at the head of this bar....the bar itself should pay and was mined by the old timers.
There’s an extensive bench associated that should be tested.
Also, I believe that the old (ancient) channel is exposed on this bar and the history of mining on the Kougarok shows that where the river has washed the old channel is where the rich deposits have been found. In other words this could be an equipment operation as well.
There are machines available in the area that could dig some test holes. My idea is that a person could dredge the river and get pay while testing for further mining on the bar and bench...permits are easily had.
As I said before I just don’t have enough time left for all these projects and my first love is dredging not keeping equipment running with all that that entails.
So this is what we have. I hope this is clear enough.
For a few miners with low budgets, we have a few claims we would lease but that isn’t our primary goal right now.

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