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Gold, Silver, Copper and Zinc mining claims in the midst of mining friendly Northern Nevada's mineral boom area.

Nevada patented gold and silver claims map17 patented mining claims and 2 quarter sections of fee land for sale owned by the Battle Mountain State Bank Mortgage Corporation ( BMSB).

The Betty O’Neal Mine and other Battle Mountain State Bank Mortgage Corporation (BMSB) property lies within the historic Lewis Mining District, located along the Battle Mountain Mountain Eureka Mineral Trend in Lander County, Nevada.
The property is in the Whiskey Canyon area of the Northern Shoshone Range approximately 12.5 air miles south-southeast of the Town of Battle Mountain.
The land ownership in this area consists of a combination of fee lands, patented mining claims, and land administered by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), containing numerous unpatented claims.
The BMSB property includes seventeen (17) patented claims and two (2) quarter sections of fee land.
The property is located in the midst of a major active mining region. Nearby active mining operations include the Newmont Mining Corporation “Phoenix” gold-silver-copper mine located 14 miles northeast, and the Barrick Gold “Cortez” gold mining complex located 17 miles southeast.

The Betty o’Neal Mine has a very rich and storied history starting about 1880. The operations were intermittent until 1885 when it down for an extended period. In 1920 the mining giant Noble Getchell reopened the mine and installed a modern mill and other major facilities. A company town was then established with a newspaper (The Nevada patented gold and silver claims mapConcentrator), a baseball team, and a post office. The mine operated very profitable from 1923 thru 1928 paying dividends to investors each year. Major operations ceased in 1929 and the post office closed in 1932. From 1929 to 1954 the Betty O’Neil limited mining operations produced little significant production. Between 1954 and 2010 there were several exploration programs.
Silver was discovered in the Lewis District in 1867, and in Whiskey Canyon at the Betty O;Neil mine in 1880. The Betty O’Neil mine operated profitably at shallow depths until 1882 and then operated intermittently until 1885 when it shut down.
About 1920 Noble H. Getchell took control of the property and organized a stock company named Betty O’Neal Mines. Plans were made for large scale development of the Estelle vein, which included driving the Getchell tunnel to undercut the Estelle vein below the No. 4 adit level.
A 100 ton a day flotation mill was started in 1922, and expanded to 200 tons per day in early 1923. Between 1923 and 1929 the Betty O’Neal mine was highly profitable and paid dividends to investors each year.
During this period approximately 170,388 tons of ore was milled at an average grade of 24 ounces of silver per ton which produced approximately 4 million ounces.
The ore was primarily from the Estelle vein above the No. 4 adit level. In January of 1929, due to declining silver prices, the mine was shut down.
Between 1929 and 1954 several operators worked the mine intermittently with little significant production. Total production from the Lewis District, up to 1969, is estimated to be 5 million ounces of silver, 20,000 ounces of gold, 2,000,000 (million) pounds of lead, 330,000 pounds of copper, and 13,000 pounds of zinc.
A big majority of this production was from the Betty O’Neil Mine. (At modern gold prices of $1,600 per ounce the gold production would have been 32 million dollars. At modern silver prices of $28 per ounce the production would have been 140 million dollars.)
The property is centrally located in a strongly mineralized area and has been the focus of several precious metal exploration programs over the past few decades. Silver targets remain in the vicinity of the historic Betty O’Neal workings, and gold and silver targets occur in several locations on the property.

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Nevada patented gold and silver claims descriptionEXPRESSION OF INTEREST:
The property described by this web site is offered by the owner Battle Mountain State Bank Mortgage Corporation (BMSB). Records of exploration programs from 1954 to present are available to interested parties.

PRICE: $2.0 million; Open for offers

Robert Crowl
361-949-8218 office
361-949-7630 fax
361-774-7622 mobile
Battle Mountain State Bank Mortgage Corp
P.O. Box 592
Battle Mountain, NV 89820

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