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The Telegraph Mine —Historical Mother Lode Producer
Downieville, CA Gold Mine

California Gold Nugget from the Telegraph MineThe Telegraph Mine - Downieville, CA.
Historical Mother Lode Producer
• Huge Gold Reserve
• Rich Tertiary River Channels
• Five Large High-grade Veins
• Fully Permitted
• 3,000 Acres With 9 Mines
• CA NI 43-101 Available

Seeking Joint Venture
(See contact info at bottom)

The Telegraph Mine is a fully permitted underground gold mine located in Downieville, California in one of the richest districts of the California Mother Load. The property represents a substantial land position of over 3000 acres and includes the 9 historical mines on the claims –Telegraph, Dutch, Spaletto, Klondike, Crystal Quartz, Monte Cristo, Sol Wood and Excelsior. This past producer has an excellent history and its full potential has never been realized. The mineral deposits on the property include underground Tertiary river channels and several large, high grade quartz veins.

Blue Lead Gold Map


Placer Gold Potential
The claim block is located in the "Great Blue Lead" not far from the famous Ruby mine. Large nuggets are common with one 2.4 pound nugget from the mine currently on display at the Smithsonian Institute. The previously mined sections of this channel averaged 15 ounces per foot of channel. One ore car of gravel removed in the early 1900's reportedly contained over 2100 ounces of gold. Approximately 5,500 feet of virgin main channel remains and reports indicate over $120M in probable placer gold in the main channel alone. Several other untapped channels are known to exist on the claims.


Gold mine location



Lode Gold Potential
There are at least seven known high-grade veins on the claim block which  is located directly adjacent to the prolific Melones Fault. Vein widths are up to 35’. These veins were identified by the early miners while drifting on the channels but they were never mined to any extent. Near-term potential exists for 150,000+ ozs of high grade gold in quartz veins within 100 vertical feet below the main Telegraph haulage tunnel level. According to several historical reports the ore grades typically average >1 opt Au with bonanza zones of 50-100+ opt Au. One known ore shoot produced 50 tons of ore that averaged over 70 opt. The remaining unmined portion of this ore shoot has immediate potential for at least 69,000 ozs gold.




Drill Data
In 1972 APCO Oil Company conducted a limited drill program at the mine. The available drill logs substantiate extensive mineralization across exceptional vein widths were shown.
These results indicate over 465,000 ounces (worth $604M) in a very small section of the ore body. The drill program and other geological information on this prospect indicate a potential world class gold reserve contained in one of the highest grade deposits in all of the US. All reports are available on request.

APCO-Drill Data

Current Status
Over $2M has been spent during the past 3 years on developing the project to its current stage. The company is seeking a JV partner. Funds will be used to rehabilitate the underground workings, validate the historical geologic data, expand the land position, and begin limited production mining. Confirming the existing geological data and further delineating the reserves to Canadian NI 43-101 standards will strongly position the business for a lucrative buyout by one of the industry's major companies. The work accomplished with this funding will also facilitate limited high grade mining (permitted and approved) and provide operating capital to increase production levels.

Telegraph Gold Mine veinStrategic Advantages
There are very few mines such as the Telegraph at the present stage of permitting and development. Most gold mining operations require several million dollars and years of groundwork just to get them into the "feasibility stage". This is an opportunity in a permitted, viable gold mine with an upside potential comparable to the major producers. With the current price of gold above $1350 per ounce the timing is optimal for developing a cost effective, profitable gold mine.

1934 gold map


The owners welcome and encourage any potential JV partner and their geologist to peruse our data. They are certain that a thorough examination of the available information will convince the sophisticated JV Partner of the merits of this opportunity. They are looking for $2M from a Joint Venture partner.

Geologic Reports, Business Plan and Pro-Forma's Available Upon Request to Sophisticated, Qualified Joint Venture Partners Only!


If you would like more information about The Telegraph Mine additional information on this opportunity can be obtained by contacting the company’s legal counsel, Rutledge Law Center Ltd @:
Phone: (775) 885 - 7005

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