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Eldorado Patented Gold Mining Claim —
Arizona/Nevada Border Patented Gold Mining Claim

The Eldorado Gold Mine, an Arizona 20 acre patented gold claim for sale, inside of Lake Mead National Recreation Area, by the Colorado River, forty minutes —and almost a century away— from Las Vegas and 25 miles south of Hoover Dam.

This is a hard rock patented gold property inside of Lake Mead National Recreation Area.
What does that mean?
— It is private land inside of a protected recreational playground (as is the Phantom Ranch, upriver in the Grand Canyon).

— There can never be any other mining claims, housing, or development around you.

— To become a patented claim there has to be governmental documented mineral value that a "prudent man" can make a living from.

This property has been patented since 1918 (signed by President Taft).
The story is that this gold claim was actually won by the ancestors of the previuos owners, in an “Old West” poker game. To us, at, this gives a value to this property almost hard to explain in lieu of geological reports, pictures, or real estate agents advertisements. It has to do with the lifestyle dream —we have hundreds of queries per month by people looking for their own gold claim like this, wanting to escape crowded cities, to go back to a frontier lifestyle of when needing “cash money” meant heading to the banks of their gold claim.

With a usable road going to the property, this real estate has many “grandfathered-in” uses.
Patented claims like this one only comes along once in awhile, where you can “make gold”, recreate, or have a tourist old mining camp? The possibilities are endless! How else would you be able to get a twenty acre parcel of land in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, and mine gold at the same time?

Patented claims are fee simple property and all taxes are current on this valuable piece of real estate and ready to go.

$400,000.00 USD
Owner, Ed Couture prefers to be contacted via phone.
Phone: 702-480-1446

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